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What is the difference between Otaku and Wibu ? - What is the difference between Otaku and Wibu? Otaku and webu can be considered nicknames for someone who loves anime and Japanese culture.However, the two terms have different meanings. Read more below .

What is the difference between Otaku and Wibu ?

The word otaku appeared in the mid 90's. In Japan, this is a term for people who are deeply involved in something. Otaku refers more to someone who is a fan of something like anime, manga, or games. Similar to a geek. 

So if an otaku likes anime, he will watch it regularly, follow the latest information, buy merchandise, or play dress-up games (cosplay). An otaku's obsession tends to be a passion, not an addiction. Even if you really like something, you will not allow it to negatively interfere with your life.

Wibu is taken from English, weeaboo, which means non-Japanese people with an excessive obsession with the culture of the Sakura country.

Not only that, but they will also dress up as their favorite anime characters and use Japanese in their daily conversations.

Some weeds can become too fond of an anime, making it an escape, to the point that it is difficult to distinguish between fiction and reality.

So wibu has a deeper meaning than just watching anime movies or listening to Japanese songs.