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Synopsis of Boruto Episode 199 The appearance of Boro and his tricks heal the villagers - Episode 199 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Anime returns on Sunday . In Episode 198, Naruto's epic battle against Delta, one of Kara's (inner) chiefs is presented intact. Reported by Comicbook, in episode 199, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations introduces the leader of the dangerous sect, Kara, the mysterious character of Boruto.

Synopsis of Boruto Episode 199

Boro was one of the most interesting Kara members to watch, as he avoids Amado. Meanwhile, Amado tries to find the traitor among the group. Episode 199 shows Naruto focusing on dealing with Delta, while Boro goes to calm down.

He approached a town stricken with a terrible disease. Boro and his minions emerge as a rescue party who is mysteriously able to quickly heal the villagers. But behind that, Boro's goal is even darker. He tells the villagers about Infinite Tsukuyomi, a force that can save them from a horrific life.

It is not known exactly how these forces relate to Kara, but it certainly shows that some members of Kara are involved in their own personal desires and goals. Boro's actions seem completely off-target for Jigen. Now it seems that Boro, Kashin Koji, and Code have their own goals.