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Synopsis Anime Online Josee The Tiger And The Fish - This week, there are new anime movies that you can watch in  cinemas. Titled Josee, The Tiger and The Fish, check out the trailer with a summary here. Josee, The Tiger and The Fish is an anime that was previously made into a feature film in Japan in 2003.

Sinopsis Anime Online Josee The Tiger And The Fish


The story of this film is based on the novel of the same name by Seiko Tanabe. The anime movie was released in Japanese theaters on December 25, 2020. This time, it's the turn of anime fans in Indonesia to watch Josee, The Tiger, and The Fish.

Josee and the Tiger and the Fish focus on two characters: Josee, who has a physical disability and can't walk without a wheelchair, so spends her life as a doll living in her fantasy world, and Tsuneo, a college student chasing her dreams. When they meet by chance, they are instantly attracted to each other. With the attraction increasing, Jose decides to go with him to the outside world. Opens December 25th.

Tsuneo, a college student who loves to dive, suddenly becomes a babysitter for a young girl after meeting her on her way to campus. The young woman is different from the others because she uses a wheelchair and lives only with her grandmother.

This young woman who calls herself Jose dreams of diving in Mexico. Tsuneo helps Josee to interact with the outside world and learn more about perspective. Over time, her feelings turned into love. The two begin to support each other in ways that go beyond romance.

Starting today, May 19, 2021, the animated film Josee, The Tiger and The Fish is showing in CGV and Cinepolis Indonesia theaters. Hurry up and check out the nearest cinema in your city, whether the movie is already showing or not. Do not forget, follow and adhere to the health protocols in place when watching movies in the cinema.