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One Piece to Dragon Ball, the 5 Best Anime Worlds In History

One Piece to Dragon Ball, the 5 best anime worlds in history, One of the things that makes the animation unique is the setting, which is different from the real world. Although the animation takes place in an area that is in the real world, there are always differences in different things, such as the system of government, culture, and population.

One Piece to Dragon Ball, the 5 Best Anime Worlds In History

Global development can also be an aspect that attracts the attention of the public. The reason is that many anime viewers are curious to know what it's like to live in the world of animation. This time, the author summed up the five best anime worlds ever. Are you curious to know which anime world? Take a look at the following reviews.

1. My Hero Academy

Although My Hero Academia may have a world that looks almost like the real world, there is one thing that distinguishes the world of My Hero Academia from the real world, which is the super abilities. Most people who live in the world of My Hero Academia are born with a special ability known as a quirk.

Dodges grant the user extraordinary powers, such as increasing physical strength, ability to manipulate items, and even vision of the future. Everyone also has different quirks and most people will have the same quirks as their parents.

2. Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball is probably the biggest anime in the world. This anime is not only set on a planet, but also extends to the universe and its multiple dimensions. The Dragon Ball world contains many unique planets, like one inhabited only by dinosaurs. a planet without light at all; For the planet that is home to the evil creatures in the universe.

The Dragon Ball world also contains Dragon Balls. However, the Dragon Ball can grant the request of anyone who manages to collect all seven Dragon Balls. However, on the other hand, the Dragon Ball world is also a dangerous place to live. The reason is that this universe has many evil creatures who love to destroy the planet.

3. One Piece

The world of One Piece will be perfect for those who love the ocean. The reason is that most of the One Piece world is a vast ocean. The One Piece world itself consists of a continent known as the Red Line and islands stretching around the world known as the Grand Line.

The ocean of One Piece is full of pirates and is divided into four parts, which are West Blue, North Blue, East Blue, and South Blue. The world of One Piece is also home to different races of living creatures. If you are lucky, you can also find a demon fruit that can give you superpowers.

4. Hunter x Hunter

The world of Hunter x Hunter will be perfect for those who have an adventurous spirit and love dangerous places. There are many dangerous places to explore, such as Greed Island, which can only be accessed by Nen users; NGL. Territory of exile that has become an imaginary anthill; To the dark continent, a dangerous area that is not on the world map.

The Hunter x Hunter world consists of six continents similar to the real world, but with different locations and 250 countries. So far, the only two continents known by name are Yorubaian and Uzzian. He also states that these continents are located in a large lake in the dark continent called Lake Mobius. This shows that the Dark Continent is the world itself.

5. No game no life

Disboard, the world of No Game No Life, is heaven for all players. In this world, everything is determined by the game. In fact, fighting for Earth can also be done with a game of chess, rather than a war that has many casualties.

If someone had extraordinary gambling skills, that person might be able to rule the world. However, it sure won't be easy because this world is full of many genius players who are hard to beat.

These are the five best anime worlds ever. So out of the five anime worlds mentioned above, which anime world would you like to live in the most?