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My Hero Academia Season 6 Coming Soon? Here's the explanation

My Hero Academia returns in March 2021 with Season 5. Now in their heads the question about "My Hero Academia Season 6" is already starting to pop up when the season is over.Quoted from OtakuKart, possibility of "My Hero Academia season 6" in the next year or two.With only 14 episodes of Season 5 released, news about Season 6 of My Hero Academia will take some time.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Coming Soon? Here's the explanation

At the moment, based on previous seasons, the fifth season could also contain about 25 episodes. Of the 14 episodes that came out. The release date for Episode 15 is July 10, 2021. The previous four seasons have aired for four consecutive years, so there may be a new season next year.

The story begins with Izuku Midoriya, who wants to be like the #1 hero known as All Might. But he was born without the superpowers that everyone possesses. Since he still wants to be a hero, he plans to become a hero by working hard.

Save your friend Bakugou from being bullied. He inspired every Might and trained with him. You are now in the United Arab Emirates. Stop the weirdness called One For All. All Might handed it to him after seeing Izuku taking his place.

After seeing his determination in the face of danger. Midoriya has a "hero's limit" of 50 minutes. Midoriya even trains with Gran Torino who teaches All Might. He also fights Endeavor's son Shoto, proving that they are equally powerful. But the story changes and the villain Tomura enters