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Awakening of Veldora Leaked Synopsis Episode 1 Tensei Shitara Slime Datta ken Season 2 Part 2

allwallpaper - Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken or Tensura Season 2 Part 2, released on July 6, 2021, is what Tensura fans have been waiting for. This anime can already be watched on many legal anime streaming sites, and maybe some of you who haven't seen it can read the synopsis here. In the first episode of Part Two of Tensura Season 2, the Awakening of the Dragon Storm shows Veldora with Rimuru in the cave where they met.Remuru gave Veldora a human form, before returning to the Jura Tempest realm, Remuru told Veldora to suppress his aura.

Awakening of Veldora Leaked Synopsis Episode 1 Tensei Shitara Slime Datta ken Season 2 Part 2

They returned to the kingdom of Jura Tempus, where the subordinates of Rimuru and its people waited for their master's return.They welcomed Rimuru's presence, and said that they sensed the presence of the Vildora Dragon Storm.

Rimuru also explained that the person who was with him was the badass dragon Feldora, they were silent as if they couldn't believe it.Treyni then appeared a dryad to salute the storm dragon Veldora, Veldora returned Treyni's salute.Seeing this, the people of Rimuru immediately knelt down and greeted Feldora.

They began to believe that what was in front of them was the storm dragon Veldora, as Rigard asked Veldora about Rimuru's relationship with Veldora.Veldora replied that Rimuru was Veldora's true friend and soul mate, enthusiastically, the people of Rimuru were happy and happy.

They had not expected that in addition to being friends with Demon Lord Millim Nava, Rimuru would also be friends with the Storm Dragon Veldora, the original guardian of the Jura Forest.The evening reception was a festival, at the same time Shion asked Benimaru and Rimuru to taste the dishes.

Benimaru and Rimuru were afraid to eat Shion's food, because they knew that in addition to the terrible appearance of the dish, the food also tasted bad.After tasting Shion's food, although it looks terrible, it tastes good. Both are confused about why the food is delicious.

Siwon replied that when he rose from the dead, he had the new skill 'Master Chef', that if he cooked something, it would taste just what Shion wanted.The next day, the story moved to the board of directors. Rimuru has a meeting about being a demon lord and is about to start a war with Demon Lord Clayman.

Rimuru gave each task to his subordinates, tasked with gathering forces for a full offensive.In the middle of the meeting, Foz came to report that his army was ready for the battle that Rimuru had completed. Unexpectedly, King Gazelle Doargo of the Dwarf Kingdom arrived with several of his guards on winged horses to reach the Storm Kingdom.Suddenly several people in the robe came, and it turned out that Eren's father named Elaud Grimoald, Archduke of the magical Thalion Dynasty.

The arrival of Ghazal and Elalud was to learn about Rimuru's plan and ask them to join the meeting that Rimuru had. This is the summary of episode 1 of Tensei Shitara Slime Datta-ken anime, for those who want to watch it live can check legal websites like iQIYI.