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15 Newest and Best Anime Recommendations 2021 All Genres Are Available - 15 of the latest and best anime recommendations of 2021, all genres available!
The rankings of the latest anime recommendations for 2021 are very exciting, gangsters. Although many anime release shows have been postponed due to the pandemic, some of them have already been aired and have successfully become a favorite of many people.

From Action Anime, Comedy, and Lifestyle to Sports Animation, it's all in this recommended article.
If you are a fan, don't just watch the best anime ever! You should also check out the latest collection of anime in 2021 which Jaka will be reviewing this time, gang.There are a lot of anime worth watching this year, and this time Jaka chose a great anime to watch out of the many anime released this year.

15 Newest and Best Anime Recommendations 2021 All Genres Are Available

Why should I watch the latest anime?

The animation industry always presents a number of interesting shows every year, and this year it is worth watching many new anime releases. Some of the best anime recommendations of 2021, in addition to the most recent ones, are a continuation of the successful anime series, and there is also a new anime whose appearance has become a hot topic of conversation.

Most notably, many of the new anime released this year are adaptations of the popular Webtoon comedy series with millions of fans around the world. Therefore, recommending the latest anime this time around is a shame if you missed seeing it. In terms of variety and story, this 2021 anime is guaranteed to be better than the previous year.

Best anime recommendation of 2021 and newer, you must watch!

For true anime fans or those who are just starting to watch anime, 2021 will probably be the right year to watch anime. From January to the time this article was published, a lot of anime has been released and the quality is very good.

So it's actually quite difficult to make recommendations for the latest anime of 2021 because almost every anime released this year is worth watching.

However, Jaka has picked several titles to include in the list this time based on rating sites as well as anime fan forums. Here you will find a complete list.

1. Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War Season Two

This title might be a recommendation for a beginner anime, i.e. the best kind of romantic school movie, "Kaguya Sama: Love Is War Season 2". Continuing its glorious streak from the previous year, the second season of this anime premiered in 2020 with the same premise but with a different feel.

In this anime, you will be invited to witness the dynamics of love and prestige shown by Kaguya and Shirogane. They both love each other, but are reluctant to express their feelings even though their time together is not long. Curious, isn't it?

2. Darwin's Game

Then there's the mystery action anime that won't make you stop feeling nervous watching it, namely "Darwin's Game". This anime tells the story of a high school boy named Kaname Sudou who suddenly falls into a mysterious survival game called Darwin's Game. Here, Kaname must do his best to discover why he fell into a situation like this, while surviving the target of ruthless enemies that always haunt his life.

3 - Shaman King

The Shaman King presents the story of a shaman battle that takes place every 500 years, where shamans (shamans) from all over the world fight for the title of shaman king. One day, a high school student named Manta Aoyamada meets an indigo boy named Yu Asakura, who turns out to be a shaman still in training. She teams up with a 600-year-old samurai ghost named Amidamaru who rescues Manta from a group of thugs. Since then, the two have been trying to fulfill your dream of becoming the next Shaman King.

4. "Attack on Titan: The Final Season"

If you are a fan of fantasy dramas, you must watch "Attack on Titan: The Final Season". This anime is the fourth season and a lot of people are waiting for it. It narrates the journey of Eren Yeager, the main character, to avenge his parents.

Since the first season aired, Eren is said to be someone who really hates the Titans because they killed Ebonia. Until Eren finally joined the squad of titan hunters called the Survey Corps to take revenge.
However, he is not only doing the job of revenge, there are mysteries and twists in the story that will surprise you. In fact, this anime also includes political plot elements to make the plot more interesting. Interested in seeing it?

5. God's Tower

“God’s Tower” is one of the best and newest anime thanks to its success in providing an interesting story, as well as incorporating excitement into every episode. This fantasy anime is an original Crunchyroll anime series based on the popular Webtoon series of the same title. In this anime, you are invited to embark on an adventure in a new world full of puzzles, as you slowly unfold the story of the no less mysterious characters.

6. Dorohedoro

For those who love fantasy animation, "Dorohedoro" might be an interesting option to watch in 2021. This fantastic new anime combines the elements of fantasy, action, and comedy very well. This anime takes place in a world completely different from the world of humans today. In this world, the strong are strong and have the right to oppress the weak.

Not only is the setting unique, but the designs of each character in this anime are done differently and the characters they have are far from common. "Dorohedoro" can be some fun entertainment for those of you who are bored with mainstream anime in general.

7 - “Somali and the Forest Spirit”

Still an animation of a fantasy genre, the next recommendation worth watching is "Somali and the Forest Spirit". This anime is set in a world where many magical creatures live and humans become an endangered species. This anime focuses on a human girl's journey with a forest ranger, and how this journey makes their relationship more dynamic.

8. Haikyu!!: To The Top, Latest Sports-themed Animation

The next recommendation you should keep in mind is "Haikyu!!: To the Top". This anime is the fourth season of the popular sports anime "Haikyuu!!". In this fourth season, the story that takes place is slightly different from the previous one because the focus is not on games between high school teams, but on areas of character training.

Eits, that doesn't mean that because there's no competition, the story gets boring. Here you are invited to watch the battle of Shouyou Hinata, who had to infiltrate the training ground because she was not invited. Hinata had to be willing to be a ball boy to see the selected players train here. You will be able to feel what it's like to fight and Hinata's burning spirit in this anime.

9. The God of High School

Another popular anime series adapted from the popular Webtoon comic that you must watch is "The God of High School".This anime action tells the story of a high school boy, Mori Jin, who participates in the biggest martial arts tournament in Korea. With her fighting skills, Mori was confident of winning here. Turns out this martial arts tournament has a much bigger secret behind it. How is this secret? Just watch the anime, gang.

10. Great Pretender

This anime has a slightly different story than the anime in general. Here you will see how criminals act against other criminals. This fight is not carried out with firestrokes or hand-to-hand combat, but with clever combat, which is best to deceive the opponent.  ou can find a lot of new jokes here, as in other comic cartoons, and the presented stories are no less interesting. "The Great Pretender" is one of the anime recommendations that you should really see.

11. The third season of "Kingdom

The next good recommendation for the latest anime is the medieval war theme. This anime is inspired by the war of the Chinese imperial dynasty. This anime tells the story of the journey of a warlord and king trying to unite mainland China. In this third season, their fight, which seems to be on the horizon, turns out to be a much bigger hurdle than before.

The third season of "Kingdom" is really suitable for those of you who love blockbuster movies that feature many elements of war and politics.

12. Re: Zero Second Season

I had a great time with the first season, and "Re: Zero" returns in 2021 with a story just as exciting as the first season. Here, you will once again witness the adventures of Natsuki Subaru in the world of Isekai filled with perplexing puzzles.In this isekai anime, Subaru's journey to stop the threat of evil has not stopped. Not only that, Subaru also has to contend with the bitter consequences of his mysterious power.Latest and best anime 2021 recommendations, fun for everyone! The following anime titles are ready to make your free time more fun

13. Vanitas Case Study

Adapted from the popular Jun Mochizuki manga, this anime is definitely something that fans have been waiting for. In general, this anime tells the story of a vampire and a human who controls the books and can control the soul and other vampires. Curious about the sequel? Please read Jaka's article Watching the Anime Case Study of Vanitas, The Vampire Adventure.

14. Tokyo Rangers

Don't tell me you haven't seen "Tokyo Revengers," the anime that hits all over the place. The story of the main character Takemichi, who can suddenly travel back in time and even see the future, becomes even more exciting when he becomes involved with the Tokyo Manji gang, who is said to have killed his former lover.

As the episode progresses, the various mysteries and reasons for the characters become increasingly clear and excite the audience, the gang. Not only anime, but also many people like to read Tokyo Reveners manga which is nearing completion. What about the team watching or reading?

15.Isekai Mao to Shokan Shojo no Dori Magutsu

If you are a fan of anime, you must watch "Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu". This Japanese anime is based on a light novel by Yukiya Murasak. This anime tells the story of Takuma Sakamoto, a hikimori who is transported to a mysterious world called Cross Reverie. He became a demonic master and lived a normal life as always. Once upon a time there were two girls named Reem and Shira.

They came with the intention of using a slave spell on someone called Diablo. But instead of making them slaves, they both became slaves. So what is the relationship between the two girls and Takuma Sakamoto? Don't forget to watch this anime gang's answer!

Many of the best anime of 2021 have a different concept than other anime, so we guarantee that you won't get bored watching them. These are the recommendations for the latest 2021 anime that is worth watching. If you have any other recommendations for the best anime, don't forget to share them.